Dr. Jurow was featured on RealVision TV in September in a compelling and sobering interview about the state of housing markets around the country.  Watch the full interview here.

The commercial real estate recovery was artificially created back in 2009 by the financial regulators. Since then, it has been fed by yield-seeking institutional investors and hot money from China. But that is now coming to an end. Find out why the hottest office markets are now rolling over and why this is spreading to all major markets. Go here. 


Bullish euphoria has made investors very complacent and willing to disregard serious risks out there in housing and mortgage real estate markets. You need to learn why these markets are going to be shattered by the enormous problem of re-defaults on millions of modified mortgages.  Find out here in this shocking article.


Are you convinced that the mortgage delinquency problem is over?  It's not!!  Check out this shocking table that shows it is getting worse for nearly $800 billion in bubble-era debt.  Also, read Dr. Jurow's latest article on the mortgage deadbeat disaster here.  His latest column on MarketWatch shows why those terrible bubble-era home mortgages are a disaster waiting to happen.  See it here.


Keith Jurow is the only analyst in the nation who, for seven years, has shown compelling evidence why the housing crash has a long way to go. The evidence becomes clearer every month.  Read why.


        Consider a Personal Consultation


There are serious minefields out there waiting to blow up your real estate investments. Dr. Jurow can discuss these risks with you and provide specific solutions tailored to your needs.


A personal telephone consultation with Dr. Jurow enables you to discuss your major concerns, explore practical options, and help you to make smarter decisions before it is too late. To find out more, go here.



Dr. Jurow’s Real Estate Presentations


Do you really believe this real estate recovery is built on a solid foundation?  Dr. Jurow will show your attendees why this so-called recovery is merely an illusion.  They will learn why another real estate collapse is almost inevitable and cannot be prevented.  Most important of all, he will show them how they can prepare for the impending tsunami with specific actions they can take to avoid being crushed. Find out more here.



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Dr. Jurow gave an urgent and very useful presentation at a family office real estate conference in NYC.  It was entitled "How Can I Know the Right Time to Sell My Investment Real Estate?"  His presentation created an incredible buzz among the audience.  To request the full PowerPoint slides from his presentation, go here.   

On July 13, widely-read syndicated columnist Lew Sichelman focused his entire housing column on Dr. Jurow and his shocking new article on mortgage modification re-defaults.  Read it here.

Keith was a FEATURED SPEAKER at Harry Dent's Irrational Economic Summit in Vancouver on Sept. 11, 2015.  His topic was "Why NOW is a Good Time to Sell Your Investment Real Estate."  

Bio of Keith Jurow


The focus of Dr. Jurow’s writings and presentations has been to prepare investors for the continued real estate market decline that he sees as almost inevitable.


Keith's in-depth real estate articles have been published regularly for 6 years on major websites such as BUSINESS INSIDER, REAL CLEAR MARKETS, ADVISOR PERSPECTIVES, and MINYANVILLE.


Keith has been interviewed extensively in the media including an appearance on Yahoo Finance’s “Daily Ticker” show which was seen by more than 100,000 viewers.


In January, 2013 Keith was interviewed on Bloomberg TV’s “Bottom Line.”  He also appeared twice on the Wall Street Journal’s syndicated Michael Castner radio show.


In January 2014, he gave a major presentation on “The Wisdom of Knowing When to Sell” at Institutional Investor’s Risk & Liquidity Conference in Manhattan. He has also presented before organizations such as the Financial Policy Council, the Rotary Club of New York, and a family office conference for high net worth investors.


Keith is a graduate of Cornell University and received both an M.A. and PhD from the New School in Manhattan.










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