Keith Jurow is the only analyst in the nation who, for four years, has shown compelling evidence why the housing crash has a long way to go.The evidence becomes clearer ever month.  Read why.


Bullish euphoria has made investors complacent and willing to disregard serious risks out there in real estate markets now. Learn about the dangers that this poses for you and your portfolio.  


His hard-hitting report –-


Capital Preservation

Real Estate Report


can help you to navigate the dangerous minefields throughout the entire real estate landscape and avoid being crushed by the tsunami that is coming.


Praise for Issue 4 on equity REITs 


"Excellent report, and extremely insightful -- one cannot find this analysis anywhere else." 

Gil Morales, acclaimed author of The Gilmo Report and a regular guest on Fox Business


Mortgage REITs plunged 25-50% from their highs … just as Keith predicted in Issue Two of his Report.  This is only the beginning.

Go here to find out how you can protect your hard-earned assets from devastating losses.


Latest Issue -- Just Published 

Issue 29 -- Will Home Equity Lines of Credit Take Down Major Housing Markets

Read an excerpt here


Important Issues


Issue 28 -- Why Housing Market Continue to Weaken

Read an excerpt here


Issue 27 -- Bubble-Era Jumbo Mortgages Will Implode

Read an excerpt here



Issue 26 -- Mortgage-Backed Securities Are Heading Over a Cliff

Read an excerpt here

  Hot Issues 


Issue 21– The Office Market -- Illusion of Recovery -- Part Two

                                       Read an Excerpt


Key Issue  

Issue 19 - Retail REITs - Disaster in the Making

                                   Read an Excerpt








Keith’s Real Estate Presentations

Keith’s lively and informative presentations will show your conference or forum attendees what they don't know about the looming real estate disaster.  They will learn how they can prepare for the impending real estate collapse as Keith provides useful and specific ways to do that. Find out more.

  The housing market crash is far from over.  If you listen to the optimism of the pundits, it will cost you a lot of money and plenty of heartache.

 Learn why

Keith was recently interviewed by renowned financial expert Lance Roberts about the weakening condition of housing markets around the country.  Listen here.

Keith was a FEATURED SPEAKER at Harry Dent's Irrational Economic Summit in Vancouver on Sept. 11.  His topic was "Why NOW is a Good Time to Sell Your Investment Real Estate."  To find out how you can view the entire presentation, go here.




Keith launched his new Capital Preservation Real Estate Report a year ago after becoming one of the nation's most influential housing market analysts.


The focus of Dr. Jurow’s writings and presentations has been to prepare investors for the continued real estate market decline that he sees as almost inevitable.


His new Capital Preservation Real Estate Report expands the coverage beyond the housing market to commercial real estate, REITS, ETFs, mortgage-backed securities and distressed debt.


Keith's in-depth real estate articles have been published regularly on major websites such as BUSINESS INSIDER, REAL CLEAR MARKETS, ADVISOR PERSPECTIVES, and MINYANVILLE.


Keith has been interviewed extensively in the media including an appearance on Yahoo Finance’s “Daily Ticker” show which was seen by more than 100,000 viewers.


In January, 2013 Keith was interviewed on Bloomberg TV’s “Bottom Line.”  He also appeared twice on the Wall Street Journal’s syndicated Michael Castner radio show.


In January 2014, he gave a major presentation on “The Wisdom of Knowing When to Sell” at Institutional Investor’s Risk & Liquidity Conference in Manhattan. He has also presented before organizations such as the Financial Policy Council, the Rotary Club of New York, and a family office conference for high net worth investors.


Keith is a Thought Leader for the influential website Advisor Perspectives.


Keith is a graduate of Cornell University and received both an M.A. and a PhD from the Graduate Faculty of the New School in Manhattan.










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