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with Keith Jurow


Risk is everywhere!  Yet complacency and euphoria among investors is at record levels.  Be wary.  The greatest dangers for investors are the risks you are not aware of.


Do you have a portfolio that concerns you?  Are you worried that real estate is topping out ... again?  Do you think it might be time to sell all or some of your investments?  How much of it should you keep?  


Now is a good time to review your real estate portfolio before you make any major decisions.  Miami's hot luxury condo market has been plunging for months.  Is your market next? 


For five years, Dr. Keith Jurow has been providing compelling evidence that the so-called real estate recovery is just an illusion.  


In  September 2015, Dr. Jurow explained this in detail at Harry Dent's Irrational Economic Summit in Vancouver and provided actionable ideas for protecting your portfolio.


Then on Oct. 12, 2016, his gripping interview on the reality of housing markets was posted and featured on RealVision TV.


There are very serious minefields out there waiting to blow up your real estate investments.  Only Dr. Jurow can discuss these risks with you and provide specific solutions tailored to your needs.


A personal telephone consultation with Dr. Jurow enables you to discuss your major concerns, explore practical options, and help you to make smarter decisions before it is too late.


To find out more, contact him here or give Keith a call at (203) 736-8697.  There is no charge for this initial conversation.  Don't wait until it is too late. -- Do it today!


Keith was recently interviewed by renowned financial expert Lance Roberts about the weakening condition of housing markets around the country.  Listen here.

This April, Dr. Jurow was featured in Ken Harney's syndicated real estate column.  Read it here.

Keith was a FEATURED SPEAKER at Harry Dent's Irrational Economic Summit in Vancouver on Sept. 11, 2015.  His topic was "Why NOW is a Good Time to Sell Your Investment Real Estate."  

Bio of Keith Jurow


The focus of Dr. Jurow’s writings and presentations has been to prepare investors for the continued real estate market decline that he sees as almost inevitable.


Keith's in-depth real estate articles have been published regularly for 6 years on major websites such as BUSINESS INSIDER, REAL CLEAR MARKETS, ADVISOR PERSPECTIVES, and MINYANVILLE.


Keith has been interviewed extensively in the media including an appearance on Yahoo Finance’s “Daily Ticker” show which was seen by more than 100,000 viewers.


In January, 2013 Keith was interviewed on Bloomberg TV’s “Bottom Line.”  He also appeared twice on the Wall Street Journal’s syndicated Michael Castner radio show.


In January 2014, he gave a major presentation on “The Wisdom of Knowing When to Sell” at Institutional Investor’s Risk & Liquidity Conference in Manhattan. He has also presented before organizations such as the Financial Policy Council, the Rotary Club of New York, and a family office conference for high net worth investors.


Keith is a Thought Leader for the influential website Advisor Perspectives.


Keith is a graduate of Cornell University and received both an M.A. and a PhD from the Graduate Faculty of the New School in Manhattan.










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